What Has Oregon Tea Party Accomplished Recently? More Than You Think…

Photo courtesy of Daylight Disinfectant

Photo courtesy of Daylight Disinfectant

Dear Patriots,

It has come to our attention here at OTP, that claims are being made by certain groups, campaigns, & individuals that the Oregon Tea Party doesn’t really exist, so we thought it important to take a moment to recognize the accomplishments, work, and support of thousands of people over the last few years.

This is by no means a complete list, as we have so many wonderful local autonomous groups of good and decent principled supporters of the Tea Party movement across the state of Oregon, who are united and interconnected by our shared beliefs and defense of the three American 1st Principles that keep us free.

Here are a few of the many efforts we’ve been involved in.  The Oregon Tea Party has helped to set up, manage, organize, promote, defend, participate in, support, or advocate for the following: 

Major events, accomplishments, & highlights:


  • Founding members of the Conservative Council on Jayne Carroll, KUIK 1360 
  • CPAC, Washington, DC, Oregon Tea Party representation
  • U-Choose, PSU forum on socialism, speaker, co-organizer
  • Portland Tribune, OTP editorial against Occupy
  • Morality of Capitalism event, Cascade Policy Institute, OTP speaker
  • 02/26/11, Portland-Shilo, OREGON TEA PARTY 
  • 04/15/11, Tax Day Tea Party, Pioneer Square, Portland, OREGON TEA PARTY
  • Helped and advised Central Oregon/Bend Tea Party State PAC set up
  • AFP, Bend, Leadership meeting
  • OTP Washington, DC, FreedomWorks Tea Party Leadership Summit 
  • OTP goes to & exposes Occupy/live on air interview
  • OTP goes to Occupy eviction, & U.S. Flag liberation 


  • Toast in Memory of Andrew Breitbart event
  • 04/14/12, Clackamas, OREGON TEA PARTY (3x larger than Dorchester that year) 
  • 04/15/12Bend Tea Party, speaking engagement
  • Party in the Park, Armed Forces Day, speaking engagement, McMinnville
  • Full time Radio Show KUIK 1360, by OTP Chair John Kuzmanich
  • Party on the Right Event
  • Volunteer set up support for Gathering of the Eagles
  • Gathering of the Eagles, OTP booth sponsorship
  • Sutherlin Tea Party Rally, OTP participation/speaking engagement 
  • OTP Chair selected national FreedomWorks Platform Commissioner
  • OTP Chair represents Oregon Tea Party at Republican Convention in Tampa 
  • Crooked River Ranch, Burgers & Politics, Deschutes County, Liberated Flag trip
  • Oregon Tea Party Freedom Bus trip, Decal prep
  • Portland Golf Club, OTP support for Knute Buehler for Sec of State
  • OTP Freedom Bus to Oregon City for Pres. Debate to support Clackamas Leadership Fund
  • OTP Freedom Bus, walking for Scott Hansen
  • OTP Freedom Bus, walking for Maggie Nelson
  • OTP Support for Westside Light-rail Citizen’s Rebellion Initiative  
  • Oregon Tea Party, Speaking at Columbia County
  • OTP Freedom Bus walking for Gary Coe
  • OTP Freedom Bus walking for Manuel Castaneda
  • Oregon Tea Party support of PSU College Republicans, Occupy Unmasked Event
  • OTP Freedom Bus to the Newberg Rally
  • OTP Freedom Bus to McMinnville Yamhill Co Republicans & 9/12 
  • OTP Freedom Bus trip, Meet and Greet w/Tim McMenamin 
  • AFP Washington County presentation/support
  • Oregon Tea Party support of PSU College Republicans/Michelle Malkin event
  • 11/03/12, OTP Freedom Bus to Eugene- Benghazi/media Protest
  • OTP Freedom Bus trip, Eugene, walking for Art Robinson for Congress  
  • OTP Campaign Support for Measure 84
  • OTP Campaign Support for Romney, Buchal, Buehler & more  
  • Working with True the Vote for Voter Fraud Investigation, dead voters discovered 
  • OTP Freedom Bus trip, Corvallis, walking for Art Robinson for Congress
  • Election Night Event Multnomah County, PR, Speaking


  • 02/14/13 OTP Freedom Bus to State Capitol in Salem
  • 04/07/13, Keizer OTP Freedom Bus Expedition to Salem/Keizer
  • 05/03/13, OTP Freedom Bus to State Capitol in Salem/Citizen Lobbying
  • OTP Freedom Bus, Denise Nanke for School Board
  • OTP Freedom Bus, Nick Scyoc for School Board
  • OTP Freedom Bus, Karen Darnell for School Board
  • OTP Freedom Bus, Salem, meetings with Republican Senate Caucus on budgetary/legislative battles
  • 07/13/13, Brookings Tea Party Speaking Engagement
  • Oregon Tea Party Freedom Bus Trip, 2013 Gathering of the Eagles
  • 10/14/13, Columbia County Tea Party Meeting, Speaking Engagement

Here are some of the associated groups that our OTP patriots support or are involved in: 

  • Oregon Liberty Coalition (OLC)
  • KUIK 1360 Radio, Jayne Carroll’s Conservative Council 
  • Operation Can You Hear Us Now! (Founded by members of the OTP)
  • 5440fight.com
  • 9/12 Project
  • Oregon Conservative Facebook Group
  • Partyontheright.com
  • Executive Club
  • Americans for Prosperity (AFP) 
  • Cascade Policy Institute

We would also like to thank our volunteers, activists, donors, and supporters who have made it all possible.

Can we do more?  Yes, absolutely!  As always, it is up to you, as we rely on you and your continued support to make it happen.  Stay involved, stay active, spread the word, keep fighting the good fight, and together we can forge a better future for ourselves, our children, and for all of Oregon.

As always, we also thank you in advance for any and all donations to the efforts of OTP, & our fight for our unalienable right & individual liberty.  You can donate here

With Liberty for All,  

Oregon Tea Party 
Executive Committee

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