Trumpcare: You Break It, You Buy It

For the past 7 years, the Republican party has campaigned on the promise to fully uproot Obamacare, “root and branch.” TrumpCare’s piecemeal revision has fallen far short of that promise. Either the GOP believes that the free market and freedom of choice is the best way to provide affordable, quality healthcare to the greatest number of Americans, or it doesn’t.

The GOP knows that the United States constitution does NOT grant the federal government authority to provide, control, or otherwise interfere with health care. Either they believe in constitutionally limited government, or they don’t.

Oregon’s sole Republican representative, Congressman Greg Walden, has joined the rest of the establishment leadership arguing that Obamacare needs to be repealed “root and branch” for seven years. Now that the opportunity has finally arisen, he has chosen to support only partial repeal, leaving large portions of this destructive power grab over our health and liberty firmly entrenched. Walden owes Oregonians an explanation of why the first bill in front of Congress wasn’t the clean repeal bill we were promised.

The Oregon Tea Party calls upon congress to honor their oath to the constitution and get the government out of our health care. We will not be satisfied until a bill is put forth that honors free markets, limited constitutional government, and fiscal responsibility. Both Obamacare and the new, revised Trumpcare violate all three principles.

Full repeal. No delay. No excuses.