The Primary is Over. What Now?

A campaign is a job interview. No candidate is entitled to votes. They must earn each and every one. It requires presenting a clear case to the voters. Building trust. Doing your best to winsomely persuade those who are not yet convinced. Treating those who prefer your opponents with respect. Learning from your mistakes and losses rather than casting blame and accusations.
When primaries are over, the real work begins.
There is no question that we are battling formidable obstacles in Oregon:
  • Donors with deep pockets that continually throw their money behind the most “moderate”, milquetoast candidates.
  • A corrupt, mooching consultant class that gets paid no matter the outcome, and therefore has no vested interest in helping the best conservative candidate to victory.
  • A corrupt “motor voter” and “vote by mail” system that invites fraudulent and illegal voting with impunity.
  • A discouraged, uninspired electorate resulting in low voter turnout.
  • Public schools that are teaching young Oregonians to hate their country and become activists for socialist policies.
However, all is not lost.
We can fight for Article V with the Convention of States Project and Convention of States Oregon, giving us a real chance to finally “impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction, and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress.”
We can fight to protect voter integrity with True The Vote and Oregonians For Fair Elections.
We can fight to stop conservative workers’ union dues being used to fund candidates and campaigns they oppose with Oregon Right-to-Work, helping to defund a corrupt political war chest funded by involuntary dues confiscated from Oregonians who have no choice.
We can fight for freedom of education with School Choice For Oregon, helping to free the next generation of citizens and voters from compulsory government schools intent on indoctrinating them with Leftist ideology.
This battle is far from over. Let’s get to work!