OTP Statement On The Passing Of Don McIntire

The Oregon Tea Party notes with sadness the untimely passing of Don McIntire, a great loss for the Conservative Movement in Oregon.  

We recognize his immense contribution and service to the citizens of Oregon. Many of us were fortunate to call Don our friend, our brother in arms, and our inspiration. He led the life of a bon vivant, a pioneer, a lover of life, a happy warrior for the cause of freedom and liberty for all.

Don was a great American and wonderful defender of property rights, and an advocate for limited government, grassroots activism, and economic liberty. His actions over the years, and especially Measure 5, it is estimated, saved Oregon tax payers Billions of dollars. He was always there for me to brain storm with, he was supportive, and willing to impart his hard earned wisdom when we talked. He will be missed dearly, but he did so much, and carried the torch for so many of us for decades. His light will continue to shine a path for the rest of us. Thank you, Don, for the example and a life well lived. 

Those who were fortunate enough to encounter Don in person remember him fondly as a leader who blazed trails in Oregon that had never been trodden, and a man who loved to live life. The political world can quickly cause participants to become jaded and bitter, but not Don. He was gracious with his time, kind with his encouragement, and always ready to join the battle anew, always with a smile on his face. He was a role model not simply for the battles he waged – and usually won – but also for always maintaining his grace and his dignity in the process. He will be missed. 

The Oregon Tea Party exhorts all Oregon Conservatives to take up Don’s cause, follow his example and always be happy warriors for the cause of personal liberty and limited government. 


John Kuzmanich