Oregon Tea by Brian Futch

Get a taste of Oregon Tea! – below is the video of Brian Futch playing his song live at the Oregon Tea Party 2012 event.  You can also download the mp3 here.

“OREGON TEA” was written & preformed by award winning singer/songwriter Brian Futch for the first time at the Oregon Tea Party April 14th, 2012.

Brian Futch wrote this song after April 15th, 2011…..where, while singing a tribute to fallen American soldiers & heroes, he witnessed some of the foulest behavior by the America-hating left in downtown Portland, Oregon as they attempted to scream down him & a 7 month pregnant former Miss Oregon singing the National Anthem.

Hate that was captured, had to be captured by OTP Citizen Journalists, & was seen by millions on national news & across the internet, because the local news media, forsaking their journalistic duty, refused to cover it & blacked it out.

So a year later, he wrote the song “Oregon Tea” to commemorate what has become known across the nation as one of the toughest Tea Parties, the good & decent battle hardened patriots of the Oregon Tea Party, in the fight for America here in ground zero Oregon.

Let me tell you, from D.C. to Tampa, from Indiana & Wisconsin, as I’ve traveled across America, Tea Partiers across the country know who we are.