Press Release: Oregon Tea Party Reacts To Visions Of Hatred, Violence And Racism From Leftist Counter Protesters

Oregon Tea Party Reacts To Visions Of Hatred,
Violence And Racism From Leftist Counter Protesters

April 18, 2011
PORTLAND, OR-  (download release)

In response to angry, violent and anti-American rhetoric by leftist extremists on Friday, Oregon Tea Party leadership asks all responsible political and civic leaders to join in condemning both the messages and their manner of expression.

Oregon Tea Party members were particularly dismayed by the videos of actual counter protesters that have made national news, including the following links found at

Socialsts/Communists Give Middle Finger and Hurl F-Bomb At Singing of National Anthem

Left Taunts, Harasses and Hurls Racial Insults at African American Man Attending TEA Party

“I Wipe My *** With the American Flag”: The New Civility of the Left on Display

“Take Your Constitution and Shove It Up Your ***!”

“Silence is consent,” said John Kuzmanich, Oregon Tea Party PAC Chairman. “I can’t believe these videos have made it all over huge national websites like, and, but the local media are completely silent. This is nothing short of journalistic malpractice by The Oregonian and local television news.”

Jeff Reynolds, Chairman of the Multnomah County Republican Party, observed, “I found it very odd that the only interviews I did were KBOO and KEX. KATU had a news truck there, but it left before the event even began. KGW has a studio right there in the square, but they never showed up to report.”

Oregon Tea Party calls on Portland Mayor Sam Adams and Governor John Kitzhaber, and the Senate and House leadership of both parties, to join us in condemning and repudiating these messages.  We also call on the local media to break their silence on the topic and condemn these messages on their editorial pages. Additionally, we call on the Chairs of the State Democrat and Republican Parties to issue public statements condemning such hate speech.

For information, contact:
John Kuzmanich, Chairman


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