Oregon Tea Party PAC Statement on Reaction of Mayor Adams to Criminal Element in Occupy Portland Protests

Oregon Tea Party PAC Statement on Reaction of Mayor Adams to
Criminal Element in Occupy Portland Protests

October 11, 2011

Leaders in the Oregon Tea Party PAC (OTP PAC) reacted Monday to the double standard displayed by Mayor Sam Adams and Portland City Council in their acceptance and promotion of the Occupy Portland protests. Despite the refusal of protest organizers to secure the proper permits for their parade and use of public parks, Mayor Adams expressed support for the Occupy Portland protest on social media, tweeting on Oct 6, “Just popped outside of #PDX City Hall to greet the #OccupyPortland crowd passing on SW Jefferson, & thank them for having a peaceful event.” This occurred shortly after Mayor Adams and Councilman Randy Leonard were witnessed marching with the protesters (click here for picture: http://picbounce.com/2zfxc).

On Tuesday, Oregon Tea Party PAC Chairman John Kuzmanich reacted, “Despite having reports of crimes committed by members of this protest (including vandalized businesses, graffiti on a police cruiser and a possible sexual assault in the criminal encampment), Portland police are allowing it to continue. This is in direct contrast to the peaceful Tea Party event of April 15, 2010, that was broken up by Portland Police for no reason. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, however, given that the SAME racist, homophobic criminal element disrupted the April 15, 2011 Tea Party event, with a planned orgy of lawlessness and the apparent approval of the Mayor.”

OTP PAC notes that a thank you from City Hall was not forthcoming for the multiple peaceful Tea Party rallies conducted with the proper permits since 2009. Further, Mayor Adams has yet to respond to our repeated requests for a statement condemning the racist and homophobic hate speech encountered at the 2011 Tea Party (http://www.oregonteapartypac.org/press-release-04182011.php).

Kuzmanich continued, “I think the Mayor has missed several opportunities to bring the community together by not expressing his support for all sides of the political spectrum to give voice to their concerns. We hereby renew our call for Mayor Adams to renounce the hate speech that has become all too common in Portland’s political discourse AND to bring peace and order to Portland’s streets.”

About Oregon Tea Party PAC: From its inception in February 2009, the Tea Party movement has focused on three core values:

* Constitutionally Limited Government
* Free Market Principles
* Fiscal Responsibility

For information, contact:
John Kuzmanich, Chairman

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