OTP Endorses Sen. Ted Cruz

otp ted cruz

The Oregon Tea Party PAC is proud to announce our endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz for President of the United States.

A man and candidate of principle, intelligence, integrity and conviction, Ted Cruz is the kind of candidate we have not seen since the days of Ronald Reagan; a man whom conservative warrior Andrew Breitbart referred to as the future leader of the conservative movement.

The American Tea Party Movement has always been about the people and for the people, not the progressive special interests in each party. Ted Cruz represents the culmination of the Tea Party movement with his steadfast dedication to the American 1st Principles that we fight so hard for and that keep us free: limited constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, and free market economic liberty. His commitment to adhering to the constitution and the founders’ vision is unparalleled.

Ted Cruz has led the fight in Congress against the establishment D.C. Cartel over the Obamacare nightmare and the out-of-control government spending that the Tea Party movement has been so dedicated in opposing. Unlike many of his colleagues who talk a big talk during campaign season, only to surrender to their cartel masters once back in D.C., Ted Cruz never stopped fighting for us.

We sincerely believe that Ted Cruz is the right man at the right time with the ability not only to win the Republican nomination, but to win the Presidency and restore constitutional principles to Washington. He has put together the best organized and financed grassroots conservative campaign we’ve ever seen, and is executing an impressive and disciplined strategy to win.

Ted Cruz has not been embraced by the Washington establishment community, on either side of the aisle. He is an outsider who has the skills and experience to deliver real change that our nation so desperately needs.

The Tea Party movement has led the nation to record breaking victories in Congress. Now is the time for the Tea Party to take back the White House. Now is the time for Ted Cruz!