Oregon Tea Party Challenges Media Blackout On Benghazi #7HoursOfHell

On November 3rd, the Oregon Tea Party Freedom Bus brought volunteers to the offices of The Register-Guard in Eugene, bringing attention to the mainstream media’s dereliction of duty by refusing to report on this administration’s scandalous handling of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, just before a major election where Americans must decide whether this President deserves another four years.  

We the American People have some questions for our government and the media, who appear to be covering up the 9/11 terrorist attack that left four American heroes including our Ambassador dead.  All we’re getting from this president is lies, while the media fails to report, investigate, and demand answers.

KEZI News sent a news crew to interview the protesters and Oregon Tea Party’s chairman, John Kuzmanich:

Read the story at KEZI News

Here is the entire raw footage, including what didn’t make it into the KEZI report:

Here is the clip of Oregon veterans telling a KEZI news reporter their thoughts on Benghazi and the media blackout: 

The Register-Guard refused to report on the protesters outside their doors, preferring to draw attention to a postal protest.  

The left-wing media specializes in only telling you half the story, slanted to promote their agenda.  They are determined to bury this story until after the election, so that Americans cannot make their decision based on all the facts.  

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