Oregon Tea Party 2014 – Rally In the Valley!


Dear Patriots,


The OREGON TEA PARTY is proud to announce the 5th anniversary Tax day Tea Party “Rally in the Valley”!

After years of being targeted by everyone from the media to the IRS, the establishment left and the right, we would be remiss if we didn’t say we weren’t battle scarred & roughed up a little bit, but the Oregon Tea Party is still standing strong and fighting for liberty!

Join us for our 5 year anniversary Tax Day Tea Party “RALLY IN THE VALLEY” on Sat, April 26th, at 21505 Bents Ct NE, in Aurora, from high noon to 2, as we kick the primary season off into high gear!  

The Tea Party is moving from protests to action to victory for our 3 American Principles: limited government, fiscally responsible government, and free market economic liberty…..the principles that keep us free!  Contribute to the cause of liberty here!

Five years ago, upset with the direction of our country, We the People took to the streets to protest by the thousands, changing the political landscape in America forever. Five years later, with our three American 1st Principles in hand, we have morphed into the most potent political force in modern American history.

With liberty as our rally cry, we not only rose up against the political class of both Parties…we organized, made our voices heard and force multiplied as we took on and countered the democrat/media complex, established a conservative beachhead within the GOP, and elected Tea Party representatives to the U.S. Congress.  With the 2014 elections just around the corner, and the possibility of a Tea Party conservative winning the White House in 2016, we have only just begun!

It’s now time to take it to the next level here in Oregon, and get our grassroots Tea Party conservatives into office, so we have a voice and representation in Salem and D.C.  

Come on down and join us for a day of patriotism, Tea Party camaraderie, and action. The event will be held in house District 18 & Congressional District 5.  

And with that we would like to announce OTP’s first official endorsement of the year and complete support for David Darnell for House District 18 and Ben Pollock for U.S. Congress in Oregon’s 5th District!  For those who want to join us, the Freedom Bus will be rolling – and we will be walking for the candidates. It’s time to replace the socialists and RINO’s in Salem and D.C. with true constitutional conservatives who represent We The People!


This year our Oregon Tea Party family expanded with the births of two new patriots, Giavanna Kuzmanich and Cassandra Bjorklund. After 4 years with OTP Chairman John Kuzmanich at the tip of the OTP spear, bearing the brunt of assaults from the establishment right & left, John is extremely proud of the work we’ve done, so at this juncture, our organization has decided to move from an elected Chair structure to an Executive Council, so our leaders can not be personally targeted. This will allow current leadership to share OTP responsibilities and enable them to spend more time with their respective families. John Kuzmanich will continue to be a part of OTP, and our operations will continue on without disruption.    

Help us drive back the Statist agenda in 2014 and take back our liberties!


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  1. Kay and I attended the first rally on the steps of the capital building in Salem 5 years ago. What a great crowd of all age groups and ethnicity. We are proud to donate.

    We’d be at the Rally in the Valley, but are in Kentucky on vacation.
    We will take back America for our friends, family, and fellow citizens!

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