Anti-Gun Oregon Senator Burdick Caught Lying To Her Constituents, Media Spin Ensues

Oregon Sen. Ginny Burdick, one of the top Democrats leading the charge on the massive anti-gun legislation HB 3200,  originally scheduled a town hall to meet with her constituents and Portland State University on March 4th at 7 p.m.    When citizens concerned about her bill found out, they passed out fliers encouraging anybody who cared about gun rights to attend and make their voices heard:


When Burdick found out that the townhall was going to attract more than her usual sycophant crowd, she promptly canceled the event, citing a “scheduling conflict.”   Having spared herself the inconvenience of having to listen to constituent concerns over her gun-grabbing agenda, she thought the controversy was over.  It was just beginning.

A citizen journalist decided to borrow a “60 Minutes” tactic and sit outside Burdick’s house with a camera to see if she actually had a “scheduling conflict,” or if she had lied about it to avoid her constituents.   The result speaks for itself:

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The video clearly shows Burdick was home at the time she claimed she couldn’t make it to her own townhall due to a “scheduling conflict.”   So naturally, the questions becomes, “conflict with what?”  Her favorite show?  

After seeing the video, blogger Jeff Reynolds contacted the Senator’s office to ask what the scheduling conflict had been, and was given the run-around.  His blog post quickly got people talking about why Burdick had lied to her constituents and hidden out at home instead of meeting with them.

Realizing she had been caught lying, Burdick immediately fell back on an old Alinsky tactic of playing the victim, and the Zero was all too happy to try and spin the narrative that citizen journalists who try to hold their elected officials accountable are “mentally unstable or threatening“:

“It was clearly an attempt to intimidate me,” Burdick said Tuesday morning. “It’s a sad time when people feel they can intimidate people like that.” […]  “I think it’s a concern because these people are very angry and they’re carrying guns,” Burdick said. “It’s not a good combination.” The clip showed the need for “reasonable gun laws so people who are mentally unstable or threatening” do not have access to guns, she said.

But in playing the victim card, Burdick inadvertently admitted that she HAD lied to her constituents about a “scheduling conflict,” and her real reason for canceling had been to avoid gun rights supporters:

Burdick said she canceled her town hall because she feared gun owners would storm the event and be rude and disruptive. That has happened before, she said, and she wanted to ensure it didn’t occur at the PSU town hall. Read more at the Oregonian

Got that? If you care about your 2nd Amendment rights and have the audacity to challenge your elected officials or catch them lying, the ruling class will try to smear you as unstable, threatening, rude and disruptive.

When her first excuse was questioned, Burdick changed her story again, claiming that she had canceled the event because of some threatening e-mails she’d received.

So which is it, Ginny?  Scheduling conflict?  Unwillingness to meet with your pro-gun rights constituents?  Or fear for your life?

Why does your story keep changing?   Why should anyone believe you now, when you’ve been caught on tape lying to your constituents?

And why does it take a citizen journalist to expose the facts?   Is the media asleep at the wheel, or just in your back pocket?

Bonus: Republicans at PSU didn’t let the cancellation go to waste, organizing a pro-gun event in it’s place:

Meanwhile, back at Portland State University, where Burdick was originally scheduled to speak, the campus College Republicans student group was able to book the room on short notice and bring in Oregon Firearms Federation‘s Kevin Starrett, effectively turning what would have been a gun control town hall into a pro gun presentation.



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