Oregon Tea Party PAC – Mission

“The Oregon Tea Party PAC is a non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-profit organization of individuals dedicated to educating & furthering the foundational concepts of limited Constitutional government, fiscal & personal responsibility, free market principles, individual rights, liberty & freedom by pooling resources to effectively influence our local, state and federal governments through endorsements, support or opposition of candidates, elected officials, measures, and issues.”

The American Tea Party Movement, is a Conservative movement that seeks to “conserve” the most liberating, liberal revolution of all…..our American Revolution which set forth and unleashed the most individual freedom, individual liberty, and human advancement unmatched in the history of humanity. We hold as our central tenets, three core principles.

1) LIMITED CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT-which supports individual rights, individual liberty, property rights, and economic & personal freedom, as the foundational rule of law as per our U.S. Constitution and beloved Bill of Rights, as written. We believe our foundational law is meant to restrain the Government, and that the Federal Government’s proper role is to protect our inalienable rights, not to infringe upon them.

2) FREE MARKET ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES/CAPITALISM-Capitalism is an ideology that is an integral part of our Country’s success story and a part of our foundational ideology that allows the individual and their right to use their intellect, education, muscle, ingenuity, work ethic, talent, & experience, by free choice & free association, in order to trade those attributes, and to provide opportunity, advancement, profit, prosperity, a future and opportunity for themselves, our children, and therefore our nation. Capitalism has been the single greatest force in the world to pull the greatest amount of people out of abject poverty bar none, and stands in direct ideological conflict with central planning socialism now promoted by the ruling class establishment of both Parties, known as “PROGRESSIVISM”. Progress does not come from government, it comes from the private sector……..it comes from you and me remaining free.

3) FISCAL & PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY-Free individuals are responsible & accountable for their choices and the consequences of those choices in life. So is our elected government. Government must live within it’s mean, as we have to. This means being responsible with the public trust. It means addressing the massive unsustainable spending and a reduction in the corresponding economy crippling debt that we are irresponsibility heaping on our children and our future. It means government NOT picking winners and losers. It means shrinking the size and scope of government, instead of burdening the private sector & the people through regulation, taxes, debt, spending, corporate welfare, wealth redistribution, socialized medicine, and allowing the people of the United States to thrive, prosper, and grow, without interference, and of their own merit. It means a government that serves the people, not a people that serves the government.

These three fundamental principles Form the basis for the American success story, and the concept of American Exceptionalism……….past, present, and future.