A Momentous Day In The History Of America And The Tea Party

Dear Oregon Patriot,

Today is a momentous day in the history of America and the Tea Party movement.

240 years ago this week, Patrick Henry gave his famous speech in which he declared boldly for the world to hear: GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH.

5 years ago this week, President Obama signed his signature governmental takeover measure – ObamaCare – into law.

And on Monday, Ted Cruz boldly announced his candidacy for President, and his campaign themes of independence, liberty, low taxes, and a return to constitutionally limited government. BONUS – he also quoted Patrick Henry in his speech!

Oregon Tea Party is not in a position to endorse a presidential candidate at this early date for 2016. But we can’t help feeling the thrill of seeing someone stand up for our principles.


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The Tea Party principles are timeless – constitutionally limited government, free market prosperity, and fiscal and personal responsibility.

Please help us today with a generous donation. Anything you give today – no matter how small – will go directly towards promoting these principles. Principles you’ve stood for all along. Principles we’ve fought for since Day One. Principles that Ted Cruz articulates better than almost anyone.

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As we reflect upon the past 6 years of the Obama administration and the rise of the American Tea Party movement in response, it’s impossible not to be reminded of the Intolerable Acts that led to the American Revolution.

History.com says, “In a speech to Parliament in late-1774, King George had denounced the ‘daring spirit of resistance and disobedience to the law’ which seemed to be spreading like wildfire across the American continent.” This is what gave Patrick Henry the urge to give that speech. Today, President Obama lectures us over and over that he will bypass Congress to get what he wants.This is what fuels our fight for liberty.  

And now, Tea Party Stalwart Ted Cruz has announced his Presidential campaign by calling for the abolishment of the IRS, the protection of every American’s First and Second Amendment rights, the restoration of the rule of law, and energy independence for America via domestic production.

Please click here to make a generous donation today. Oregon Tea Party is currently in the process of formulating its strategic plan for 2016 and beyond. We aren’t going anywhere – and as a Tea Party supporter, we’ll always have your back.

Together, we can fight back and restore the hope of America.

In Liberty,

Oregon Tea Party