6 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Fight For Liberty In Oregon

There are six things you can do RIGHT NOW to fight back against tyranny: 

1. Become a Precinct Committee Person (PCP) and help us take over the GOP from the inside and select their candidates.  Right now there are dozens of empty PCP slots all over the state.  We need Tea Partiers in all of them.   If you apply for an empty slot you can be immediately appointed, then formally elected on May 20th.   Go to your county GOP page and fill out the form to apply.  (Here’s an example from Multnomah County GOP.)

2.  Go to your county website or office, find out which positions are up for election and sign up as a candidate for a local office (example: Multnomah County).  The next election is May 20th, when there will be several spots opening for city councils, county commissioners and other offices.  Many have gone uncontested in the past.  We need Tea Party candidates in all of these offices – people who believe in liberty, limited government, fiscal responsibility, gun and private property rights!  

3. If you can’t run for office, find a candidate that stands for Tea Party principles and volunteer to help with their campaign.  

4. Get involved with one of these great organizations fighting for liberty. 

5. Contribute to the Oregon Tea Party PAC.   

6. PRAY for God’s mercy on our nation, and that Providence, who guided our founders to victory over tyranny,  would be with us!
Let’s roll!


Oregon Tea Party