2016 OTP Primary Voter Guide

Oregon Tea Party is proud to offer our Primary Voter Guide for 2016 to support candidates that we believe reflect the first principles of the Tea Party movement. Overall, it’s a little disappointing how few competitive races there are in this dynamic election year.
A note on the Presidential candidates – although Senator Ted Cruz has publicly communicated that he will not be campaigning in Oregon, our endorsement stands with pride. Ted Cruz remains the only candidate in this race that reflects the Tea Party values of constitutional, limited, free market conservatism.
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Our recommendations:
Statewide Races:
  • President: Ted Cruz
  • US Senate: Mark Callahan
  • Congressional District 5: Seth Allan
  • Secretary of State: Dennis Richardson
State Senate:
  • Jeff Kruse SD1
  • Herman Baertschiger SD2
  • Dick Anderson SD5
  • Brian Boquist SD12
  • Tammy Tlustos-Arnold SD25
  • Dennis Linthicum SD28
State House:
  • Dallas Heard HD2
  • Carl Wilson HD3
  • Sal Esquivel HD6
  • Jodi Hack HD19
  • Patti Milne HD22
  • Mike Nearman HD23
  • Matt Wingard HD26
  • John Verbeek HD33
  • Tim McMenamin HD41
  • Michael Langley HD47
  • Lori Chavez-DeRemer HD51
  • Greg Barreto HD58